Seattle's Best Coffee Blends a Strong Partnership With the Kernan Group

Anthony Kernan pictured with Philp Campbell (Commercial mgr) and Ciaran McNamara (regional rep) of Seattle's Best.

Seattle's Best Coffee (a fully owned subsidiary of Starbucks) have been doing business in Ireland for two years. In that time they have developed a strong relationship with the Kernan Group in six locations in Donegal.

The incredible taste of Seattle's Best has seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of customers calling into Kernans for their daily coffee fix. Be it a Creamy Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha or an Americano, there is a blend to satisfy any coffee craving, when you visit one of Kernan's sites..

All our staff have been trained by Aryzta Coffee Solutions, which ensures that every cup poured is certifiably fantastic.

Victoria Stevenson from Kernans Drumkeen enjoying a hot chocolate

Seattle's Best Coffee beans are 100% Arabica and sourced exclusively from Latin America. They work hand in hand with their farmers, to ensure total consistency for incredible taste. Once they've sourced the beans, their master blenders create one-of-a-kind blends for an easy, approachable taste.

Conor Coyle and Wife Christinea call into Kernans Drumkeen for Seattles Best

As the flavor of coffee beans can change from year to year, it takes the experience and expertise of their blenders to ensure a consistent taste in every batch. They ensure total consistency by insisting on rigorous quality checks throughout the process. They don’t just taste the stuff once, or even twice. They stop and sample the beans at three crucial steps. 1. When they’re picking them out and buying them. 2.Before shipping. 3.Once they’ve arrived in house and ready to be approved for roasting.

From there, they use their special roasting process to create a surprisingly smooth taste. Like simmering a sauce, their expert roasters carefully apply just the right amount of heat over a period of time to make sure every batch you get is smooth, delicious, and downright delightful.

John Fullerton and Christopher Dolan in Kernans Newtowncunningham

All that passion and hard work create an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee that’s flavorful and approachable. But they didn’t stop with one blend. They have a variety of blends from light to dark to satisfy any coffee craving you have.

Christopher McCabe from Kernans Drumkeen enjoying a latte

Call into Kernans to tryout Seattle's Best Coffee for yourself.

Mary Cannon pictured with Kevin Gallagher, Sami Lynch, Edward McDaid

Conor Coyle and Laura McFadden at Kernans Ramelton enjoying a coffee break

Una Feeney and Ailish Gardiner have a Coffee at Kernans Newtowncunningham

Ballyshannon local's enjoy a Seattle's Best Coffee

Jason Brock Head Coach of the Vipers along with players Darren Gibson and Thomas Comiskey

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