A New Dawn For Kernans Eurospar Newtowncunningham

The revamp of the Kernans Eurospar Newtowncunningham to a state-of-the-art EUROSPAR store commenced in May 2018 with proposed completion in early July 2018. The store will feature a wide range of in-store services and amenities and will continue to act as a hub for the local community in Newtown.

Sample Plan for the new look Kernans Eurospar

Kernans Eurospar is going to be a blueprint for how Eurospar hopes each and every one of their stores will develop across the country over the next few years and have plans to extensively revamp the site in the coming weeks, boosting the local economy and bring a new shopping experience to the local area.

It is evident that a huge body of work has gone into creating and fine tuning this impressive store plan so that it can deliver on the type of shopping experience that the Kernan Group believes their consumer wants.

It might be an overused phrase but in this case it is deserved as this store will have the ‘wow factor’. From the entrance you will be greeted with a vibrant fruit and veg category which leads you into a fresh food hall. What will be very evident across the store is the strong value proposition throughout. Every inch of this store has been examined and made to work for optimum customer satisfaction.

The retail offering will provide customers with a wider range of products and an improved retail environment. Kernans revamped Eurospar will also include an extensive fruit & veg section, a new off-licence and delicatessen, and a significant in-store-produced food range throughout.

Anthony Kernan Pictured with Patrick Mc Bride at Kernans Newtown reviewing the new store Plans

Anthony Kernan, the Managing Director and Proprietor of the Kernan Group added “I really want to thank our customers for bearing with us and supporting us while we create your new look supermarket,” he said. “My promise is that we will bring even better value than before, high quality fresh food, a great ambience and so much more, with the same fantastic staff serving the community.

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