Staff Feature: Joe Gibson from Kernans Newtowncunningham

Here is a short feature on Joe Gibson, one of our fantastic staff members from Kernans Eurospar Newtowncunningham. Each week we will bring you a new feature on one of our team members around the Kernan Group.

Here are the questions we put to Joe.

1.How long have you been with Kernans ?

Ans: Going on 9 years now, loving every minute of it.

2. Whats your favourite Tv Show?

Ans: The Fast and Loud Car show on sky is the only tv series i would watch

3. what your favourite meal?

Ans: The Diner's lunch specials are hard to beat. Thats my usual spot to go each week. Hard to beat the dessert afterwards as well.

4. Whats your favourite local band?

I like a bit of country and Lisa McHugh is top of the pile, I listen to her most days on YouTube after work.

5. What are your hobbies or pastimes outside of work?

I love cars and working with them is a big pastime of mine, fixing them up and seeing the finished product is a good buzz.

6. Favourite meal from Kernans Eurospar Newtowncunningham ?

I tried the new range of gourmet meals from the butchers and I have to say it was class. The chicken balls are the best I've had.

7. If you won 2 million in the lotto what would you do first ?

I'd buy a top of the range twincam, get her rally ready and entered into the Donegal Rally. I'd blow a good million on that at least, I'd save the rest for my good wife.

8. Whats the best thing you like about your job ?

I love meeting all my customers at Kernans over the 9 years i've been here I've made some great friends, who I see each day. It's a very social job and that has to be the best part about it.

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